LittleLeaf's Stories: Edit

Littleleaf scanned the clearing. she couldn't spot Quietice or Cloudpaw. "Cloudpaw! Quietice! Where are you guys?" She called for them. There was no answer. The clearing seemed empty without her two comrads. Maybe they're going out to look for herbs, she thought. She padded over to Ravenpaw, holding comfrey. Ravenpaw eyes seemed clouded with pain. "Don't worry, Ravenpaw. You'll be alright." Littleleaf started to put the comfrey on Ravenpaw's legs. "There, you can't train for two days, okay?" Ravenpaw nodded. Littleleaf padded back into the Medicine Cat's den and dragged out a few feathers. She carefully wrapped them around Ravenpaw's leg. Littleleaf nodded her head and Ravenpaw limped away. Littleleaf turned away and then heard Brambleheart calling her. "Littleleaf! Littleleaf!" He raced over to her. Littleleaf turned around. Littleleaf stopped and sat down. Brambleheart sat down beside her. "What is it?" Asked Littleleaf. Brambleheart held out his paw. There was a giant gash on his paw. "Ouch! That must hurt!" Littleleaf told him. Brambleheart nodded.

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LittleLeaf LittleLeavesLittleHerbs Medicine Cat Small Editor, Does Small Stories

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